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Möbius cast-on methods

Colette van Haaren gave a workshop on Möebius cast-on methods and sent the following links for follow up infomation. The comments in brackets are from Colette.
[update on 2014-02-14: the following links are not functionnal anymore]
www.girlfromauntie.com/tech/moebius/inside_out.php (with lots of links to follow)
www.girlfromauntie.com/tech/moebius/inside_out.php#waste_yarn (this seems an easy-to-understand method)
www.girlfromauntie.com/tech/moebius/inside_out2.php (this is similar to Cat Bordhi's method - see below)
www.girlfromauntie.com/tech/moebius/outside_in.php (the grafting is mind-boggling!)
Cat Bhordi has written books on Möebius knitting – her provisional cast on is a figure-of-eight wrapped over and under the cable of the circular needle. You can learn an invisible figure-of-eight cast on on Eunny Jang’s website:
For the visual learners among us, Cat Bordhi has since published a video on YouTube:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnTda7F2V4